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During each private walk, we practice the commands of sit, down, stay and come.  Picasso Dog Walkers only practice positive reinforcement methods. Your dog gets to exercise and practice good behavior on each walk.

Private Walks start at $20 for 30 minutes

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                                                              PRIVATE RUNS

Runs are wonderful for high energy dogs or for those dogs who need long walks. After home screening your dog, Picasso Dog Walkers will determine if your dog qualifies for runs. We want to make sure that all our dogs receive the best care possible.  --During the hottest months, all runs will be limited to the early morning hours-- Safety comes first!

Private Runs start at $25 for 30 minutes.

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                                                                                 POTTY BREAKS

We offer mid-day visits that allow you to enjoy your lunch break without worrying about your dog's potty break. 

Potty Breaks start at $15 for 15 minutes

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"WE'VE HAVE YOU COVERED EARS TO TAIL. Picasso Dog Walkers is fully insured by Kennel Pro, the leading pet insurance in America."